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Certified in Code Enforcement and our association with numerous code enforcement and construction entities has enabled us to provide inspections to ascertain compliance with the codes. Todays codes are difficult enough to comply with in new construction. The Energy Code, for example, requires ACCA Manual J compliance for all new H.V.A./C. equipment. This burden will likely be passed onto the building owner in terms of additional costs associated with the equipment installation. It is better to comply during installation than to have to return and retrofit for compliance. During project management the oversight provided assures these requirements are met.

There are times an inspector may arrive on a scene and make the statement "That doesn't comply with the code". To make such an arbitrary statement is wrong. Something may not comply with code today but did at the time of construction. Should this be the case and the work had been permitted previously, the proper term to use would be "This doesn't comply with code today but is pre-existing non-conforming and legal". Part of the investigative services we provide, will make these distinctions.